Full and Thorough Evaluation of All of the Hair Varieties


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The notion of porosity could also be new to you, however it’s a vital one. The reality is that the variety of pores within the hair cuticle defines how properly it absorbs water together with different hair merchandise. There’s excessive, regular, and low porosity, and there’s additionally a easy take a look at to find out yours. All you should do is to submerge a hair strand into the water.

Hight porosity

In case your hair strand sinks instantly, that signifies that the porosity is excessive. This additionally signifies that your hair is very susceptible to break. That proven fact that your hair can take in every little thing signifies that together with nutritional vitamins and water, it additionally absorbs chemical compounds. One other straightforward method to decide excessive porosity is to consider how lengthy it takes you to dry your hair out. Hair with excessive porosity dries very quick.

Regular Porosity

In case your hair strand doesn’t sink nor stays on the floor, then your porosity is regular, and your hair is well-balanced.

Low Porosity

When the strand stays floating on the floor, it signifies low porosity. The minimal variety of pores within the hair cuticle doesn’t permit it to soak up water and all of the hair care merchandise. It takes hours to have it dry, and likewise it takes numerous water to have it drenched.